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Podcast Mini: The Bright Light of Stephanie Kauffman

In this mini episode, traveling Tori and Mabelle talk with Stephanie Kauffman, owner of Mose Mary and Me, a boutique custom & pop culture prayer candle company in New Orleans, LA. We even offer up a prayer… candle writing prompt Writing prompt (courtesy of Mabelle) Monologue. Write a monologue from the voice from someone who […]

Podcast 025: The “Yes, and” of Jacole Kitchen

Hey Playwright talks with Jacole Kitchen

Tori and Mabelle talk with Jacole about her roles as La Jolla Playhouse’s Director of Arts Engagement and In-House Casting, as well as her directorial hat for the POP (Performance Outreach Program) world-premiere of Idris Goodwin’s play, “Pick Me Last”. Jacole shares her  “yes, and-edness” approach to life; her mission statement as a theatre-maker; LJP’s […]

Podcast 022: For the Love of…Gina Femia

Hey Playwright talks with Gina Femia

Tori and Mabelle talk with the fantastically prolific and lovely human, playwright Gina Femia. Gina discusses the evolution of her play, “For the Love of (or, the Roller Derby Play)”. Gina reveals insights into her writing process, the importance of workshopping and rewriting, and starting from a place of love. SHOW NOTES Writing prompt (courtesy […]

Podcast 021: The Elaborate Wisdom of Kristoffer Diaz

Hey Playwright talks with Kristoffer Diaz

Tori and Mabelle talk with playwright, librettist, screenwriter and educator, Kristoffer Diaz. Kristoffer discusses various works including his Pulitzer-prize finalist play, “The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity”, “Football Football Football Football” and “Going Left”, as well as his adaption of “RENT” for Fox and writing for Netflix’s “GLOW”. Other topics include the democratization of theatre, […]