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Podcast Mini: The Bright Light of Stephanie Kauffman

In this mini episode, traveling Tori and Mabelle talk with Stephanie Kauffman, owner of Mose Mary and Me, a boutique custom & pop culture prayer candle company in New Orleans, LA. We even offer up a prayer… candle writing prompt

Writing prompt (courtesy of Mabelle)
Monologue. Write a monologue from the voice from someone who is praying to their prayer candle of choice. Check out Mosemaryandme.com for prayer candle inspiration!

Show Notes

Check out Stephanie’s shop, Mose Mary and Me, here: https://mosemaryandme.com

Stephanie’s friends’ theatre: Two Friends Improv here: https://www.twofriendsimprovtheater.com/
Second City Improv’s (Chicago location) can be found here: https://www.secondcity.com/shows/chicago/