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Podcast 025: The “Yes, and” of Jacole Kitchen

Hey Playwright talks with Jacole Kitchen

Tori and Mabelle talk with Jacole about her roles as La Jolla Playhouse’s Director of Arts Engagement and In-House Casting, as well as her directorial hat for the POP (Performance Outreach Program) world-premiere of Idris Goodwin’s play, “Pick Me Last”. Jacole shares her  “yes, and-edness” approach to life; her mission statement as a theatre-maker; LJP’s artist-driven approach and their shift to online streaming; and the joyful collaboration with other theatre-makers for “Pick Me Last“.

Show Notes

Writing prompt (courtesy of Jacole Kitchen) 
What Had Happened On the Playground Was… In the spirit of “Pick Me Last”, begin a monologue or scene with the opening line: “What had happened on the playground was…” and let your imagination go from there! 

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Check out San Diego Performing Arts League (SDPAL).

Jacole’s full bio: 

Jacole Kitchen is the Director of Arts Engagement and In-house Casting at La Jolla Playhouse. There she produces community based projects, including for and with veterans and other groups that are underserved in American Theatre. She also manages the local casting process and works closely with NY casting for Playhouse productions, readings and developmental workshops. In addition to her position at LJP, Jacole is a freelance director, theatre instructor and private acting coach. Previously, Jacole served as Casting Director and Artistic Associate for San Diego Repertory Theatre, and spent six years in Los Angeles as a bicoastal talent agent at Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Assoc, representing actors, directors and choreographers for professional theatre. Jacole serves as Executive Director for San Diego Performing Arts League (SDPAL).