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Podcast 023: The Fabulous Monsters of Diana Burbano

Hey Playwright talks with Diana Burbano

Tori and Mabelle talk with powerhouse playwright, teaching artist and DG Rep, Diana Burbano, about her punk rock musical, “Fabulous Monsters”. Other topics include music as an entry point to character development, ageism and sexism in the music industry, Latinas in the punk movement, and joy and anarchy.

Show Notes

Writing prompt (courtesy of Diana Burbano) 

Start with music. Think of a childhood song or story that captured your imagination and has stayed with you. Write a monologue. See how the feeling of the music informs your writing. This is also helpful when crafting character. You can learn volumes about a person through their musical choices.

Connect with Diana on Instagram @ladianaburbano and read her full bio (complete with a list of free monololgues, scenes & songs!) at her website: dianaburbano.com/ 

Read Fabulous Monsters on newplayexchange.org

. Listen to the music at https://soundcloud.com/diana-burbano/sets/fabulous-monsters

Upcoming streaming versions of her plays can be found here:

Essential for all playwrights! Dramatists Guild can be found here https://www.dramatistsguild.com

Check out Breath of Fire, Latina Theater Ensemble – a new play incubator offering free online classes, focusing on inclusivity and access for all is located here  https://www.breathoffire.org