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Podcast 021: The Elaborate Wisdom of Kristoffer Diaz

Hey Playwright talks with Kristoffer Diaz

Tori and Mabelle talk with playwright, librettist, screenwriter and educator, Kristoffer Diaz. Kristoffer discusses various works including his Pulitzer-prize finalist play, “The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity”, “Football Football Football Football” and “Going Left”, as well as his adaption of “RENT” for Fox and writing for Netflix’s “GLOW”. Other topics include the democratization of theatre, the importance of industry relationships and “chasing the churn.”


Writing prompts (courtesy of Kristoffer Diaz): Empathy-building Character Exercises

  • Exercise 1: Write a monologue of apology without using typical apology language (i.e. apologize, thank you). Figure out a way to write an apology.
  • Exercise 2: Take on the role of someone in your life who disagrees with you on a topic and write a monologue from their perspective trying to convince you to change your mind.

To learn more about Kristoffer Diaz, head to his website. Get your own copy of “The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity” from Concord Theatricals.

Check out End of Play NOTE: You do NOT need to be a Dramatists Guild member to participate! The show Mabelle is now binging is this one.