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Season 2 Premiere

LISTEN to episode Season 2 is here! Tori and Mabelle dive into Season 2 with a check-in of their 90-Day Play experiment; shoes as the dangling carrot for finishing pages’ favorite love stories AND an invitation to submit to the next Hey Playwright contest, V-Minute Valentines! Go to show notes.

Season 1

Are you new to Hey Playwright?!?!?! Welcome! If you feel like catching up, here are all our episodes. And if you’ve been here a while and want to listen to our episodes again (hi, Mom), here you go. Get ready. Season 2 is coming… Episode 012 – Tori and Mabelle round out their 12-episode season […]

Hey Playwright!

We can’t think of a better time to kickstart your journey as a playwright than right now, smack dab in the middle of a pandemic, when life in theatre and other performing arts has come to a screeching halt… or has it? Broadway might be dark, but we, the everyperson playwrights carry on, keep writing […]