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Podcast 028: Lucy Wang and the Reverse Law of Gravity

Tori and Mabelle talk with Lucy Wang about her leap from Wall Street trader to playwright; ageism and sexism in American theatre; the revolutionary effect of laughter; and the parallels of playwriting and baseball.

Show Notes

Writing prompt (courtesy of Lucy Wang)

Submit a quotation to embracingourdifferences.org for a chance to win $1,000. Entries can be no longer than 20 words and a list of prompts are at the website to jumpstart your quote about “enriching lives through diversity and inclusion.” (from the website)

Bonus prompt: Write a walking play. Take a walk (4-5 blocks) and then create a story that would accompany the walk. Include a map to accompany your audience on their journey.

Check out Lucy Wang’s website here: https://thewritelucywang.wixsite.com/lucywang and follow her on Twitter and IG @theSensuousGourmet

Lucy teaches for escript and DGI:



Check out Lucy’s performances A is for American:

Lucy’s plays can be found here:






Lucy Wang’s full bio:

Lucy Wang is an award-winning, produced and published writer across many topics and genres. Her play JUNK BONDS won an award from the Kennedy Center and Best New Play from the Katherine and Lee Chilcote Foundation.  She most recently won Outstanding Female Artist in L.A., and will be featured in a Look What She Did! short documentary to be released spring 2020. Her short play Two Artists Trying to Pay Their Bill won an international comedy prize, and inclusion in an anthology Best Ten-Minute Plays 2020 , published by Applause Books.  

​Lucy started performing standup comedy on a dare from Gloria Steinem. Her one woman shows, CHINESE GIRLS DON’T SWEAR and IT AIN’T EASY BEING CHINESEY, were hits in NY, L.A. and  her hometown of Akron, Ohio. 

Lucy also writes screenplays and teleplays.  She sold a half-hour TV comedy to ABC and won CAPE & FOX TV Writers Award for her one hour drama. 

Her financial thriller screenplay FILL OR KILL won a coveted spot in a screenwriters lab, sponsored by Humanitas, Hedgebrook and Woolfpack. She has also wrote and directed a short film The Perfect Night.  

She has taught at USC, OSU, Antioch L.A. and John Marshall High.  In addition to mentoring students, Lucy freelances for The American Journal of Nursing. In 2018, she won the Silver Award from ASHPE for best news coverage in healthcare journalism. Her papers are archived at the Huntington Library in San Marino and at the University of MA at Amherst.