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Podcast 032: She Persisted: Playwrights in Conversation

In this triple-loaded episode, Tori and Mabelle talk with Jacquelyn Reingold, Jennifer Maisel and Laura Rohrman, three Honor Roll! playwrights featured in “She Persisted: Thirty Ten-Minute Plays by Women over Forty.” Each playwright offers a writing prompt!

Prompt #1 (courtesy of Jacquelyn Reingold)

In the spirit of Jacquelyn’s play “I Know.” Write about your favorite woman over the age of 80.

Prompt #2 (courtesy of Jennifer Maisel)

Inspired by Kraft cheesy recipes from the 1950s. Write the recipe of your family and see where that takes you.

Prompt #3 (courtesy of Laura Rohrman)

The Gnome in the Door. In your scene there must be a small door. A character in the scene has to go get something out of this door. When they open it, There is a gnome inside. They might admit the presence of the gnome to someone else in the scene but it is not required that they admit it. The gnome has to tell them a secret. Again, they don’t have to admit that the gnome exists or has told them a secret. The gnome may be in their head.

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“She Persisted: Thirty Ten-Minute Plays by Women over Forty”


“She Persisted: One Hundred Monologues from Plays by Women over Forty”


Check out Jacquelyn’s website: https://www.jacquelynreingold.com

Jacquelyn’s bio: Jacquelyn Reingold’s plays have been produced in NYC at EST, MCC, Naked Angels, and in London, Dublin, Berlin. Published: Women Playwrights: Best Plays, several Best Short Plays. Kennedy Center for New American plays recipient, Susan Smith Blackburn finalist. In TV she’s an Executive Producer/Writer for Paramount+’s “The Good Fight.”  Other TV: Grace and Frankie, HBO’s In Treatment.  Co-founder Honor Roll! https://newplayexchange.org/users/9849/jacquelyn-reingold

Check out Jennifer’s website: https://www.jennifermaisel.com

Jennifer’s bio: Jennifer Maisel’s EIGHT NIGHTS received nine 2021 Ovation nominations, winning for BEST PLAYWRITING.  OUT OF ORBIT: 2016 Kilroy List, the Woodward-Newman and Stanley Awards before its 2018 premiere. THERE OR HERE received critical acclaim for its London and NY productions.  Jennifer also writes for film and television. https://newplayexchange.org/users/2119/jennifer-maisel

Info about Jennifer’s Ovation Award winning play, “Eight Nights,” can be found here: http://antaeus.org/shows/eight-nights/

“Eight Nights” is running at the Pear Theatre through Dec 12: https://www.thepear.org/season-20

Check out Laura’s website: https://www.laurarohrman.com

Laura’s bio: Laura Rohrman’s plays include REPORTER GIRL about the life of cartoonist Dale Messick, creator of the Brenda Starr comic strip (Comic Book Theatre Festival/Brick, Princess Grace Finalist, O’Neill Semi Finalist, Weissberger Award Nominee), MY LIFE AS YOU (Finalist Mad Cow Theatre Festival, & Playwrights First Award) and HOBOKEN, sold-out at The Hollywood Fringe in 2019. She just wrote her first TV movie: RAISE A GLASS TO LOVE for the Hallmark Channel (Sept 2021). Her short play GETTING IN TOUCH WITH YOUR DARK SIDE and her brand new play THE AGENCY are included in The She Persisted book series by Honor Roll! Playwrights. https://newplayexchange.org/users/1786/laura-rohrman

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