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Podcast 046: Inge Festival Recap

Tori and Mabelle share a play-by-play of their journey to the 39th William Inge Theater Festival in Independence, Kansas. They highlight the amazing people and businesses who pull together to support the festival, as well as the joys of meeting past guests from the Hey Playwright Universe in person!  Writing prompt (courtesy of Mabelle & […]

Podcast 045: A DIRE Conversation with José Casas

Tori and Mabelle talk with José Casas about his path into TYA via law and social justice; his book, “Palabras del Cielo: An Exploration of Latina/o Theatre for Young Audiences”; accomplices versus allies; representation; publishing new playwrights; and changing systems actively rather than passively. Other topics include building audiences starting with youth, as well as […]

Podcast 038: Women with Moxie: Jennifer Eve Thorn and Vanessa Duron

In this twofer episode, Tori and Mabelle talk with Moxie Theatre’s Executive Artistic Director, Jennifer Eve Thorn, about the evolution and mission of Moxie Theatre; Moxie’s play submission process; Jennifer’s approach to text; and the upcoming world premiere of Diana Burbano’s play, “Sapience” (a co-production with TuYo Theatre). Next, they chat with multi-hyphenate theatremaker Vanessa […]

Podcast 036: Getting Home with Marsha Norman

In the Season 4 premiere, Tori and Mabelle talk with award-winning writer, educator and activist Marsha Norman about her career, the importance of women writing about women, her work as an educator, and the architecture of a play. Other topics discussed include conjuring the Writing Spirit, setting a 2-year deadline to finish a play, pastafarians, […]