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Podcast 048: Cultivating Space with James P. Darvas

Recorded at the stage of Onstage Playhouse, Tori and Mabelle chat with Executive Artistic Director James P. Darvas about his artistic journey, starting at 8 years old in Ohio singing “Beauty School Dropout,” to his current role managing a playhouse in Chula Vista, CA. James shares his vision for the theatre; how he strives to cultivate a space of inclusivity, accessibility, community; and why the energy that fills the room is the most important aspect of theatre.

Writing promptPrompt (courtesy of James P. Darvas).

I looked in the mirror and I saw a younger version of myself. Therein lies the prompt!

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James P. Darvas is the current Executive Artistic Director at OnStage Playhouse. He has been a performer on stages across this country for decades. His true passion was awoken 7 years ago when a very kind man, Jerry Pilato, told him he “was a director” and then financed his first production. The amount of gratitude he has is immeasurable. He is in awe that OSP continues to support and celebrate his vision. He wants to thank the current board, staff, and volunteers for showing up and doing most of the heavy lifting. He also wants to thank all of the past board members, staff, volunteers, and artists that have left their talent and energy in this building. When he sits alone in the space he can often feel their presence and is reminded that it takes a village, and he is here for only a small period of time and must do his best to build upon the wonderful theatre that all of these people have had a hand at creating!

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