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Podcast 043: The Art of Creating Space with Hannah Joyce

Tori and Mabelle talk with Hannah Joyce about her roles as both the producing artistic director of the William Inge Festival and as the director of membership and education at the Playwrights’ Center. Other topics include the reframing of the fellowship application process at the Playwrights’ Center; connecting with the people and artists in your community to create theatre where you are; and tons of hot tips on producing, and trusting and celebrating the creatives around you.

Writing Prompt (courtesy of Hannah Joyce via Winter Miller via Karen Hartman- see link below).

Write a letter to yourself from someone in your past (or present) who has said kind words to you. A favorite teacher, a family member, and just have them say some things they love about you, some words of encouragement. Spend 5 minutes or so on it. First name that comes to you, just go. Surprise yourself. I first did this exercise in a class with the very inspiring Karen Hartman and it’s got a nice effect on the biting voice in your brain that says “I can’t, I won’t! Never! You’ll never take me alive.” Or maybe that’s only my voice that does that..

Connect with Hannah: https://pwcenter.org/staff-board/hannah-joyce

Hannah’s bio:

Hannah Joyce is the producing artistic director of the William Inge Theater Festival in Kansas as well as the director of membership and education at the Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis. Since 2004, Hannah has had the joy of celebrating visionary American playwrights. She has produced countless new play development workshops with playwrights from across the country and worked with hundreds of theater artists in support of those plays. Originally from St. Louis, Hannah has worked and performed with a number of theater companies throughout the Midwest, including the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, St. Louis Shakespeare Company, That Uppity Theater Company, Daleko Arts, and Prison Performing Arts. Hannah’s work is devoted to supporting playwrights at every level, creating meaningful connections for writers with directors and producers, and advocating for playwrights’ voices in the room and fair compensation for their work. 

Check out the Playwrights’ Center: https://pwcenter.org

Join us at the 2022 Inge Festival!: http://ingecenter.org/festival

Winter Miller’s 5 Prompts to Jumpstart Your Weekend can be found here: https://pwcenter.org/playwriting-toolkit/5-prompts-jumpstart-your-weekend-writing

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