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Podcast 058: Playwriting From the Inside Out with Jacqueline Goldfinger

In the final episode of 2022, Tori and Mabelle talk with Jacqueline Goldfinger about their work as a playwright and educator. Jacqueline drops serious knowledge about writing without limits, finding a community that embraces and lifts up your voice, and why they value the collaborative process. Jacqueline also walks us through a writing prompt to unblock us all.

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Writing prompt (courtesy of Jacqueline Goldfinger)

Get You Unstuck Prompt: Find a physical picture that has a person or animal that you love. Set aside half an hour, interrupted. First, look at the picture deeply. Do not write for about five minutes and just take in every detail of the picture. And then write, answering the primary questions: Who are they? What are they doing? Why are they here? How are they doing it or how are they approaching it? Why is it important to their life? Then write a stream-of-conscious monologue from the point of view of the character in the picture.

Connect with Jackie: www.jacquelinegoldfinger.com / @jacquelinegoldfinger

Jackie’s bio

Jacqueline Goldfinger is a Visiting Professor Theatre at Indiana University. They are the author of two books, Playwriting with Purpose and Writing Adaptations and Translations for the Stage. They wrote the play Bottle Fly which won the Yale Prize and the stage adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wind in the Door for The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Their new opera, Alice Tierney, will premiere in 2023.

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Check out Jackie’s upcoming opera with composer Melissa Dunphy Alice Tierney at Oberlin Opera.

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