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Podcast 054: The Truth of the Story with Linda & Michael Grady

Tori and Mabelle talk with Linda DeArmond Grady and Michael Grady about their musical, “A Beautiful Place,” inspired by an exhibit of children’s artwork from the Terezin Ghetto. The couple shares their journeys into theater, how they came together, and the challenges and triumphs of marital collaboration.

Writing prompts

Prompt (courtesy of  Michael Grady)

Channel Some Rage.  Write about the best lesson you’ve ever gotten from someone you didn’t like.

Prompt (courtesy of  Linda DeArmond Grady)

Take Another Perspective. This could be done with any piece of writing. Write about a person, place, thing or philosophy. Then go back and rewrite using a different approach (different adjectives, different ways to describe things). It broadens your vocabulary and helps you learn how to get your point across. 

Connect with Linda and Michael via email: [email protected]

Linda’s bio:

Linda DeArmond Grady has worked as an actress, singer, dancer and writer, while also having a 30-year- career as an Interpreter for the Deaf. A proud AEA/SAG member, she has performed on network television, in national commercials and in over 60 stage productions. Her plays include Three As One and The Green Nightgown, produced at the Love Creek Annual Short Play Festival in New York; and Tradition, at the Theatre of Note in Los Angeles. Her first book of poetry Reflections on Bee Stings is now available on Amazon.

Michael’s bio:

Michael Grady wrote the book for the musicals Baylin’s Monster and Phenomenal Smith and musical adaptations of Christmas Carol and Studs Terkel’s Dreamers of the Day. His plays include Dancers, winner of the ACTF’s National Student Playwriting Award, and Harmony Codes, selected to the Sundance Playwright’s Lab. He has an MFA in from the University of Arizona, and his works have been performed at the Kennedy Center, Chicago’s Organic Theatre, Arizona Theatre Company, Childsplay and Michigan’s Purple Rose Theatre. Mike’s first novel, Breaking Ball, is available on Amazon.

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Read an article about Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and the children of Theresienstadt: https://www.yadvashem.org/articles/general/coping-through-art-brandeis-theresienstadt.html

Check out Linda’s book of poetry “Reflections on Bee Stings”

Michael’s book “Breaking Bad” can be purchased here

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